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I spent most of my life looking for answers for my own health challenges with head/brain injuries, chronic insomnia, immune system challenges, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It wasn't until I studied homeopathy and engaged in homeopathic care did my health start to make a significant turn for the better.

I worked as a Healing Arts Therapist at both St. Agnes Medical Center and my private office in Fresno, CA for 11 years.  I took great satisfaction in helping the patients in their healing process.  I was told time and again by patients, nurses and doctors how much better the patients felt as a result of my work with them.  However, I could tell that real permanent cure was not taking place.  As I walked the halls of the hospital, I thought to myself on a daily basis, "There is something going on underneath this.  What is it?"  I now understand that the answers lie in homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies get to the deepest place of dysfunction and disease in a gentle safe way.  They provide the inner wisdom (known as the vital force) the "stimulation", the "roadmap" for it to effect its own cure.  And that cure is permanent!  Nothing brings me greater joy than to be a part of a process that allows the body to heal itself in a way that is gentle, safe and permanent.

Education and Training

American Medical College of Homeopathy:  Professional Certificate (2015)

U.C. Santa Barbara:  B.A. in Physical Education and Kinesiology

U.C. Davis:  2 years of graduate study in Exercise Physiology

Upledger Institute Training:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Somato-emotional Release
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy