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Alison Hoskins

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Accidents, burns, shock, stings, bites, cuts, sports injuries,

surgery bruising, fractures, sprains & strains, whiplash

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As a result of having overcome head injuries, PTSD, chronic fatigue and pain, I find myself uniquely qualified to support clients with these issues.

​In addition, there are many conditions that respond well to homeopathy.  In traditional medicine, these conditions are identified with a diagnosis.  Homeopathy does not treat a disease or a diagnosis.  It treats the whole individual, taking into account the mental, emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms.    Homeopathic remedies stimulate an internal healing response  where the level of health is raised and the wisdom within (the vital force) heals itself.  Don't let a diagnosis define you and how you respond to the world.  Call for a free 15 minute consultation and make an appointment today: (559) 287-7769.