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Homeopathic Book Recommendations: 

The two books below are ones that I really like.  They are both written for the person without a homeopathic background.  The first book is shorter, and really hits the main topics of homeopathy. It gives you the perspective from a person who first practiced traditional medicine, then naturopathic medicine, and then homeopathy.  The first edition is also online (see below).  The second book is written by a mom whose autistic son was healed with homeopathy.  It tells the story of her son's healing.  It is a longer book and goes into more detail about homeopathy, for those who are interested.

1.  Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, 2nd edition. An Introduction for Students and Patients by Timothy R. Dooley, ND, MD.

 2.Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy L. Lansky


Products & Newsletter

​The following list includes websites for either products or information that I have found helpful in my own journey of healing:

​1. Organic sleeping products:  pillows, mattresses and bedding.  No chemicals, carcinogens and off-gassing that can be inhaled or absorbed as found in main stream mattresses.  Materials that discourage dust mites and that can minimize body temperature fluctuations:


2. Earthing products: Earthing Mats, Earthing Sheets that help to reduce Inflammation:


3. Amber colored glasses and lights that maximize Melatonin for sleep and help to regulate the circadian rhythm:


4. Structured water: cost effective, efficient, no filters, neutralizes harmful effects of pollutants (eg arsenic, bacteria, chlorine):


5. Free Daily Newsletters Providing Natural Health Information and Resources:



My personal journey of healing has been a challenging one.  Homeopathy has the answers for me, but the healing process takes time.  In the midst of the many crises that have arisen, I have found the tools of Buddha Maitreya to be invaluable.  They soothe the mental, emotional and physical challenges that arise from time to time.  They help me to relax and maintain dignity in the eye of the storm!  I have searched the world for my answers, including spiritual retreats in India.  After experiencing the healing with Buddha Maitreya, I won't go anywhere else.  I like the fact this is not religious, and only spiritual.  He will tell you that no one can be forced to heal.  As a result, I have found that his spiritual blessing is only what my heart and soul are ready for.  I have found that participating in the OM meditations that are offered several times a month soothe my soul and sometimes cure physical ailments.  He guides the meditations, they are inexpensive, they are offered virtually over the internet (accessed via iphone or computer), and there is no joining anything.  If you are looking for additional support during the process of homeopathic healing, I recommend both the OM meditations and the tools:

Group Om Meditations: 


Healing Tools: